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2009-11-28 05:27:52 by NekoSerena

This story shall begin in a mansion where a group of guardian angels are. There is one quite different from the others, mostly because she is the only female, and she is the sexyest (and prettyest) than any female in the world. Her hair is blue yet her bangs are pink. Her eyes are red and she has black neko ears with a same of tails (she has three). She is a the very rare Golden Kitsune. She is very strong and when is mad she turns into the element kitsune. Her name is Shiaena, and she is 15 years old.
Now enough about me (yes Shiaena is me..) Lets continue on with the story.

"Shiaena, I have a task for you.." The head of the group said. I looked at him and asked "What is the task?", "I need you to guard this boy, he has kyuubi in him". I look at him questionly "kyuubi?" I asked, "A fire kitsune, half demon, half kitsune." He answered. "I see.." I said. "His name..." He checked a peice of paper "Is Naruto, he is a ninja". "He lives in a ninja camp." He said "If in anyway your identity is exposed--" "Yes, yes I know, become a ninja myself to blend in." I interrupted. "And..?" He asked "And I will make sure to tell Naruto why I am there." I answered. "Alright.." He said while giving me a paper "This is where he is located, follow him, protect him." He said "I shall protect him well..." I replied as I put of my robe was to my ankles and a hood to cover my head and eyes and I put on my mask to cover my mouth. I then telaported to where Naruto is. When I got there I looked around. "GOD DAMN IT GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!!!" I heard a boy scream, I ran to the direction and looked at a boy hanging upside down, his leg caught in a rope in a tree. He had blond hair and his cloths were orange and baggy, he also had a band around his head. Infront of him was an adult male, grey hair, same band and had a mask around his face, leaving only one eye revealed. A little away from them were 2 other teens (like naruto) one was a female, she had bubblegum pink hair, short, same colored cloths, long skirt and shirt. Another teen was different from the others, black hair, blue shirt, dark pants, and he was pale. I was shocked looking at the boy hanging upside down. The adult was chuckling, the girl was laughing, and the other boy was smirking. I quickly threw a ninja star at the rope cutting it. Naruto fell and looked in my direction. The others stared at me as well, a long silence accord. "Who the hell are you?" The adult broke the silence. I pulled out a note pad and walked toward them. I took out a pen and wrote down 'I am just a lone traveler. I heard a scream and ran this way.' I gave the note to the boy with black hair, he looked slightly confused, but he took the note anyway and read it aloud. "I see, well you just interfeared with ninja training." The adult said. I wrote another note that said 'I am sorry, I did not mean to, I just thought you were harming the poor boy.' I gave it to the boy again and he read it outloud. "I see...I am sorry you had to see that." the adult said. I then wrote 'well I have to be on my way, goodbye' The boy read it outloud. They understood and I left (or so they thought I did, I wasnt about to leave Naruto to get hurt, so i hid in a tree). When the training was done each of them walked home, I followed Naruto. When he got home he went straight to the shower. I went and looked around. I started to feel hot and I took my robe off including my mask and I laid it on the couch neatly. I was wearing a short black flare pants, black shirt (no sleeves) and boots with heels. "Um...excuse me...who are you..?" I spun around surprised. As I saw the blond with just a towel on I blushed deeply and rubbed behind my neck embarresed "I....I'm sorry...I-I didnt..." I couldnt come out with the right words. Naruto looked down and notices why I'm so embarresed and he blushed too. "Hold on a moment.." He said and he ran to his room, got dressed and walked back out. "Alright better?" He asked and I nodded. "Now tell me who you are..and what are you doing here..." He said."Well...remember that person who interupted your training?" I asked. "You were that person??" He asked and I nodded. "Then whats your name?" Naruto asked. My eyes glew baby blue as his did "My name is Shiaena, I am your guardian angel, I was assigned to protect you from any harm." I answered. Suddenly I heard a loud laugh and I noticed it was Naruto, "HEY! WHATS SO FUNNY, EH?!?" I screamed at him "HAHAHA I..I'm sorry haha its just you dont expect i would believe anything like THAT would you?" he asked, "hmph..." I crossed my arms and turned my back to him "fine..dont believe me.." I said "I'll just leave the kyuubi to take you over..." I said. Another long silence. "How do you know I have the kyuubi in me?" The blond asked. I smiled at him and said "I already told you, I'm your assigned guardian angel...". " long have you been doing this?" Naruto asked. "Being a guardian angel...2 years of training, this is my first mission." I said "However, following you and watching you, I just began.". "I see.." He said. "How much do you know about me?" Naruto asked. I grabbed a peice of paper with the info on it and looked at it "Let's see..." I said as I read it "You have the kyuubi inside you, you act like you have a crush on Sakura but you really like Sasuke but you wont let anyone know it." Silence...I then looked up and noticed Naruto was looking down blushing. "Are you alright...?" I asked and he looked up "Yeah..I just didnt know know.." he said. "I'm sorry, I didnt mean to.." I apoligized, "Oh, no it's alright.." he said. I nodded and looked around the house more "I heard that you lived quite...messy, but it seems not that messy at all.." I said still looking around. He was following me and he said "Oh, they were talking about my.." Then I slipped on a bowl of rotten ramen sitting on the floor of his room and fell on my behind with a loud and painful thud "Oww.." I said."Bedroom..." Naruto finished and he held out a hand to help me up "Are you alright, Shiaena?" I grabbed his hand and he helped me up and then I rubbed my behind still in pain "Sorta..." I said. Naruto rubbed behind his neck and said he was sorry and I said it was alright. My stomach started to growl "Oh, your hungry?" Naruto asked, I simply nodded and said "What do you have that I can eat?". "Hmm...Lets see..I have ramen, ramen, ramen...and ramen!" Naruto said smiling, I couldnt help but laugh and then I said "I'll have the second one, please." "Ah, ramen, good choice" He said laughing too.
After the meal Naruto and I seemed to be pretty tired. I slept on the couch, Naruto slept in his bed (of course). I then heard a sudden thud, like someone (or something) bumping into a table or something. I opened my eyes, but I couldn't see anything, it was pitch black. I then heard a loud scream, "Naruto.." I whispered as I got up and felt my way to his room. I turned on the light and saw Naruto tied up on the ground and Sakura with a knife to Naruto's neck. "WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE WITH A KNIFE TO NARUTO'S NECK?!?!?" I screamed at the bubblegum pink haired teen. She just smiled and said "My name is Sakura...I heard how he had a crush on MY Sasuke!!" She said as she pressed the knife closer to Naruto's neck making him whimper. My eyes started to glow red as anger filled me. "Hey, you alright?" Sakura asked. Then a black aura serrounded me. I then turned into the element kitsune. Sakura and Naruto looked rather surprised, but I didnt notice, I was glaring at Sakura. Sakura put down the knife and slowly walked toward me. I growled as she said "good kitsune...". I tackled Sakura and growled. "An inoccent person..." I whispered and then my voice grew louder as i said "YOU WERE GOING TO KILL AN INOCCENT PERSON, JUST FOR SOME STUPID GUY THAT YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON AS WELL AND YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IF HE LIKES YOU BACK!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Naruto somehow got free and said "DONT HURT HER!!!". I looked at him like he was mental, but then I looked back at Sakura and I got off her. "She's free, for now..." I said quietly as she left. My fur turned to gold. Then suddenly, darkness.


"She's free, for now..." Shiaena said quietly as she watched Sakura leave. Naruto saw Shiaena's fur turn to gold and as soon as he saw that he grabed a lamp and hit the kitsune over the head with it. And then, when he hand noticed what he had done, he droped the lamp and stared at the passed out kitsune. "W-what have I done?" he asked himself. Just then bubbles surrounded Shiaena as she slowly shined. She then turned human, but, her cloths were gone. At the sight of this Naruto blushed. Naruto put a blanket on Shiaena and carried her to the couch where he laid her.


I started to slowly open my eyes and saw many people around the couch. I looked at all of them "W-who are all you people?" I asked. All of them said their names at the same time. I sat up, still covering myself. "One at a time..." I said. A man with gray hair and a mask (from before) talked first "The name's Kakashi" He said. The boy with black hair said "Sasuke". A girl with blond hair said "Ino" (HAIR COLOR MUAHAHA).